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About Aldershot Greenhouses

Your reliable, year-round supplier of potted plants

Founded by the Vander Lugt family in 1954, Aldershot Greenhouses is your reliable source of year-round, high-quality potted plants. Aldershot Greenhouse was founded by the Vander Lugt family in 1954. Since then, the company has grown in size, quality, efficiency, product diversity and customer service.  We take pride in providing great quality products, and excellent service to all our customers. 

At Aldershot Greenhouses, we supply cuttings, liners, prefinished and finished products, servicing both growers and retailers. Our finished offerings include year-round pot roses, seasonal hydrangea, hellebore, clematis, mums, gerbera and poinsettias. Product is harvested, packed and shipped in a timely manner, providing you with the freshest product. Our trained staff will be happy to help you with all of your potted plant needs!

A lady worker trimming the plants.
Aerial view of the greenhouses.
Rose close up.

Our History

Growing beautiful flowers for your business since 1954

For seventy years, the Vander Lugt family has been growing quality flowers from their Burlington location in Southern Ontario.

Arie and Menk Vander Lugt began by growing gladiolus and selling them at the local farmer’s market. For two years, Arie and Menk grew gladiolus and managed to save up enough money for their own greenhouse in 1954, when Aldershot Greenhouses Limited was formed. Soon the Vander Lugts were growing mums, snapdragons and stake tomatoes in addition to gladiolus.

A major shift to chrysanthemum production in the 1980s gave rise to the addition of our renowned potted mini roses beginning in the 1990s.

Today, Aldershot enjoys a reputation as a quality grower of finished potted roses, pot mums, clematis, poinsettias, hydrangeas and helleborus as well the pre-finish potted roses, hydrangea and Helleborus for the North American market.

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CEO of Aldershot Greenhouses.


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