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How to Care for Chrysanthemums "Mums"

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Care tips for "Mums"

Our Chrysanthemums are grown in a greenhouse, making them “Florist Grade” pot mums. Chrysanthemums are able to handle full to partial sun indoors. They require a medium amount of watering, but always keep an eye on watering needs, depending on the temperature indoors. Chrysanthemums are an upright bushy plant. For these perennials, as a general rule, the time to prune — or “pinch” — your mums is from spring into the early summer. Another time to prune is when a bud has fully bloomed.

Indoor care tips

You should keep your mums in a sunny part of the house. You may water these pots regularly. When the soil is dry, add water. Mums will drink a lot of water each day, so it’s best to monitor the soil and water before the plants starts to wilt. To keep these plants looking their best, remove old blooms.

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Outdoor care tips

As mentioned before, these pot mums are Florist Grade pot mums, meaning that they are meant for indoor use. Like our hydrangeas, they will provide you nice foliage, but aren’t meant for full-time outdoor exposure.

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