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How to Care for Indoor Roses

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Roses are sun-loving plants that provide beautiful blooms all summer long, as long as they receive proper care and ideal growing conditions. Mini roses can be planted in the garden in spring, summer or fall, and do best in a bright, sunny location. They should be watered regularly, whether inside the home or out in the garden. Keep the soil moist, both in the pot and in the ground, but don’t  let them sit in water. Roses don’t like wet feet.

When to plant

If you would like to move your rose outdoors during the warmer months, be sure to place the potted plant in the shade to protect it from the harsh sunlight. Your plant needs to harden off first, so without this step it may burn.

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Where to plant

Plant your rose bush anywhere in your garden, so long as it gets consistent sun throughout the day. Roses LOVE the sun! Make sure to water, prune and fertilize as needed.

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How to fertilize

Coffee grounds are a good, natural fertilizer for rose gardens. The grounds provide organic matter, which improves soil structure, water retention and nutrient availability. They also contain nitrogen, a vital nutrient for plant growth and lush foliage. Additionally, coffee grounds provide other beneficial elements like potassium and other micronutrients. To ferilize, follow these simple steps:

  • Sprinkle the coffee grounds around the base of the rose plants, avoiding direct contact with the stems. Spread them evenly, creating a thin layer.

  • Gently work the coffee grounds into the top layer of soil using a hand rake or garden fork. This helps prevent the grounds from clumping and allows them to integrate with the soil.

  • After applying the coffee grounds, water the rose plants thoroughly. This helps to prevent the grounds from drying out and allows the nutrients to gradually release into the soil.

Coffee grounds can be applied periodically throughout the growing season. Aim for once every few weeks or as needed, depending on the specific needs of your roses.

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After a flower flush is finished, prune back your plant to a height of 3-4". This promotes new growth from the base, keeping it  strong and maintaining that "Mini Rose Bush" shape. Prune before late summer or fall to encourage additional blooms from your roses.

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